Novel Coronavirus Contamination?

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Residential Testing

A comprehensive TESTOR home investigation by our skilled technicians will identify hazardous environmental materials in your home and provide you with an expedited report and action plan to keep your loved ones healthy and safe. Don’t just guess – test.

  • Asbestos fibers from building materials such as floor tiles and insulation released into your air and inhaled can cause serious lung damage.
  • Exposure to a tiny amount of lead dust is dangerous for your child’s brain development.
  • Damp areas in your home are breeding grounds for mold.

Commercial Services

TESTOR offers environmental testing, consulting, decontamination and abatement services for projects ranging from individual contracts to large multi-site jobs. We have decades of experience working with architects, structural engineers, management agencies, building managers as well as city, state and federal agencies to provide compliance services and resolve a myriad of environmental issues.

Our fully-licensed and accredited technicians will expedite your project and help resolve enforcement, tenant and emergency compliance issues.


Certified, Licensed & Fully Insured

TESTOR holds certifications and licenses for each of the local, state and federal agencies that govern the environmental services industry.

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