Lead exposure is harmful

TESTOR’s fully-licensed and certified Lead inspectors offer:

  • Paint Chip Testing
  • Lead Wipe (Lead in Dust) Testing
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Testing
  • Lead Clearance Testing (for HPD or DOH Violation removal)
  • Lead in Soil/Air/Water Testing

If you have young children at home or are planning a renovation it is critical that you schedule an assessment and get professional advice. Also, according to regulation, most real estate transactions require a lead disclosure report.
Your child’s development may be compromised if they ingest lead around the home, which often has lead in old paint, dust, tap water and surrounding soil. The CDC currently states that is “no safe blood lead level in children” and that nearly every system in the body can be effected by lead contamination.

Young children are the most vulnerable, but you should reduce the lead in your home to protect your whole family, as well as your pets.

Lead exposure symptoms are not always obvious, but they can be very dangerous

Water leaks and inadequate ventilation can cause elevated mold levels in your home causing allergic reactions. We offer visual, surface and air quality testing

Using the latest tools and techniques we will test your paint, water and surrounding soil to determine if your family is at risk from lead contamination

Asbestos fibers are dangerous to your health. Our fully-certified laboratory will expertly assess the samples collected by our technicians to give you accurate results

We offer specialty testing to target less common contaminants in your environment. Indoor Air Quality testing provides an evaluation of the air you breathe