A healthy home

The health and safety of your loved ones is critically important to you, and you expect high-quality service at a sensible price. We expect the same for our families.

Common-sense approach

A modern home environment consists of thousands of materials and chemicals that can be harmful to health and well-being. Asbestos, lead and mold are the most common areas of concern, as well as the most tightly controlled by government regulations. However, sometimes the contaminant is not apparent and broad investigation is required to expose the issue.

TESTOR offers a systematic, common-sense approach to environmental risks that targets the areas of concern professionally, accurately, and rapidly. Our trained and certified technicians will listen to your concerns, perform a visual inspection and use specialized equipment where necessary. We are committed to finding the best possible testing options for your particular situation and we will collect only the necessary number of samples for professional analysis.

Online reports and personal service

TESTOR’s online reports clearly explain the sample results and give you the tools necessary to understand what they mean for you. Where necessary, our experts can also be available to break down the report details further and discuss it with you in layman’s terms, so you’re never in the dark about the risks in your environment.

Our broad experience navigating this sometimes-confusing industry will help you find the best, most pragmatic solution.

Don’t just guess – test

TESTOR is ready to help you protect your home and family from dangerous contaminants

Water leaks and inadequate ventilation can cause elevated mold levels in your home causing allergic reactions. We offer visual, surface and air quality testing

Using the latest tools and techniques we will test your paint, water and surrounding soil to determine if your family is at risk from lead contamination

Asbestos fibers are dangerous to your health. Our fully-certified laboratory will expertly assess the samples collected by our technicians to give you accurate results

We offer specialty testing to target less common contaminants in your environment. Indoor Air Quality testing provides an evaluation of the air you breathe